October 10, 2017

 In the past month of August, I had the pleasure of teaching two different movement workshops at Festiwal Zielone Kręgi (Green Circles Festival translated) in Kożyczkowo, north of Poland.


The first workshop focused on body and group awareness and included individual, group and partner exercises, moving from the senses, feeling the weight of the body and acknowledging the breath.

The second workshop was floorwork based, where the participants explored the connection between the body and the earth. Also worked with gravity through release technique sequences and travelling across the space. To finalize the workshop I led an improvisation set of 30 minutes of free movement alongside a soundtrack playlist.


Group exercise in the first workshop session



I was teaching mostly non-professional dancers and people with diverse backgrounds; and this was great! It was pretty revealing to notice and understand different difficulties and finding new solutions throughout the sessions. 

Being in this festival not only made me grow as a practitioner, but as a person (which philosophically, I cannot find a way to separate both concepts?). Meeting different people from different cultures, ways of living and thinking allowed me to change my perception and get super inspired, spiritually energised and motivated to create and share more. 


Look forward to new adventures. 







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