RADIOS (2019) is a group dance piece I choreographed, as part of a proposal from a university module Process to Product. Our lab time encompassed two and half days in a dance studio, a field trip to Papa Loko party at Electrowerks (London), sharing references, scores, notes and video recordings.

Performers: Alex Manning, Alistair Wroe, Anastacia Cioclea, Demsey Legrand, Juliette Mello, Marco Teixeira and Shahrin Johry    

Sound by Luis Marquez aka Mind127

Programme Note: Radios tuning, tuning, tuning into a rave ritual. Rave, raving, cyclic raving and finding light in the dark, dark, dark, dark, dark light. Lightning bolts, decay, destruction and rebirth.

Presented in February 2019 in Michaelis Theatre, Roehampton University