LaRadio is and is not - whoever takes part, chooses.
An invitation to surrender through the experience of a performative audiovisual piece, a social experiment.
The audience is handed in the following note before entering the theatre:




As the audience members [now participants] walk in, and as I greet them, I invited to put their shoes and belongings away, join the stage area and find a place to stand, facing any direction. After everyone settles in in their chosen spot, I offer verbal input to enhance body and group awareness, and suggesting the following ['tuning in']:

  • to allow space around themselves and let the eyes close;

  • to find their feet grounded and allow the head to float;

  • to breath all together, through a series of three breath cycles, taking three counts to inhale and three counts to exhale;

  • to allow the eyes open after and enjoy.

Premiered on the 14th March 2019, Michaelis Theatre at Roehampton University, London UK
Direction & video: MariaMiguel Rodrigues
Starring: Alex Mannings, Elettra Giunta, Juliet Mello, MariaMiguel Rodrigues, Marco Teixeira, Shahrin Johry  
Sound by Luis Marquez aka Mind127

LaRadio invites,

Surrender to trying to understand and dive into the light of not knowing;

Surrender to the sonic winds, so you can ride the frequencies and surf the waves;

Love surrenders to music, just like dancing.