The story I can tell so far - one version of it

I grew up dancing, painting, playing sports and learning photography at thirteen years old. Also grew up in a catholic private nun school (for 10 years). At some point, I said I would like to become a hairdresser & painter simultaneously; then passed through journalist and arquitecht. Later I attended a vocational public artistic school (ESSR, Porto), concluding with a short film project and specialising in Audiovisuals.  

When moving to  London in 2014, I started my (in)formal training in dance, performed, choreographed and offered workshops on body&group awareness. I have been delivering in different capacities across venues in London through part time and freelance work ranging from: dancing and performing, offering workshops, collaborating, coordinating and directing crossart platforms, hosting spaces, working in front of house and hospitality, cover children teaching and assistance.

It feels like a [heavy] lot and now I feel that doing nothing is the hard work. To find a sustainable flow and balanced life in the times ahead is the challenge I am taking.

In 2017, after contracting a gastritis, taking ayahuasca on top of that, drinking 'sacred & blessed water' withouth knowing brought as gift to my mother, discovering techno music, I guess a new party started.

Its 2019 and I have just graduated from a BA Dance Studies course at Roehampton University. I have been guided or mislead (finding both very entertaining) by Lalitaraja Chandler, Erica Stanton, Charlie Ashwell, Georgia Tegou, Tamara

At Siobhan Davies Dance, I attended Next Choreography programme 2015-2016, tutored by Charlotte Spencer. At The Place Theatre, worked as an usher in the theatre and later particiated as a choreographer-director in Resolution Festival 2017. Tripspace, Charing Cross Theatre, Rich Mix, Trinity Laban, Tate Exchange, Royal Ballet School & Royal Opera House, Olympic Studios. Also facilitating and performing in Portugal (solo work, workshops), Poland (workshops, 2017) and New York (workshops, 2016 & semester abroad, 2018).

First Honours graduate from the BA Dance Studies programme at Roehampton University, being guided by Lalitaraja Chandler.